Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Champagne Waterfall

Champagne waterfall on a Princess cruise
Take 645 champagne glasses.Very carefully build them into a tall tower. Pop the cork of a bottle of champagne and pour the fizzy liquid into the top glass. Keep pouring, bottle after bottle, until the champagne overflows and all the glasses are full. And there you have it - a champagne waterfall!
   Champagne? Or should I say sparkling wine? But a 'sparkling wine waterfall' doesn't have quite the same decadent ring to it, does it?
   Princess and P&O cruise lines have a champagne waterfall as the highlight of one of their party nights on each cruise. It is a great attraction, with many passengers queuing up to have their photos taken as they pour the champagne.
   In the meantime, waiters are circulating amongst the watching crowds carrying trays with glasses of champagne so no one misses out on the fun.
   Then the band strikes up with music to dance to and the partying and festivities continue into the night. It's such fun!

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