Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mystery Island Remains a Mystery!

Mystery Island will live up to its name and remain a mystery for the time being. We didn't go there!
   The visit was cancelled because engine problems resulted in slower cruising speeds meaning we needed to keep going to get back to Auckland as scheduled. $50 was credited to our on-board accounts but that didn't cheer up some passengers who were disappointed at not going there.
    Nor did running into a storm for two days. This meant everbody had to stay indoors on the ship which made public areas a little crowded.
   However I figured that it was no good getting 'antsy' at something out of my control. So I stayed in my 'happy bubble' and kept right on enjoying myself. Including indulging in two of my favourite past-times - people watching and eavesdropping on conversations!
   Ten minutes sitting near the purser's desk convinced me that being a front-line crew member fronting up to irate passengers must be one of the worst jobs in the world. The things people complained about astounded me. I hope the crew eventually saw the funny side of the moment when one woman complained that she had been kept awake by the coathangers in the closet rattling all night - and what was the captain going to do about it?! (Not a lot, lady, I thought).
   Another woman loudly protested that she hadn't seen any whales - and she'd been told there'd be whales, so where were they? (I had visions of P&O equipping their ships with plastic blow-up whales they could drop over the side every now and again.).
   And a man said that he didn't like sea days so there should be an island then a sea day then another island then a sea day. (Let's rearrange Planet Earth, shall we?).
   All in all, the funny side of life at sea brightened my voyage back to Auckland.

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