Sunday, 15 May 2011

Touring the Ship's Galley

A display in the ship's galley
If you get a chance when you are on board a cruise ship, go on a galley tour. You will get a look behind the scenes at what goes on in the kitchens that cater for thousands of meals each day.
   The statistics are mind blowing! When I thought that there were more people on board ship on this cruise than there are in my small home town, I realised just how many plates, glasses and cutlery there were to wash. A team of 30 dish washers deal to them.
   A huge staff  led by the Executive Chef prepares all the food. Four bakers work all night so we would have fresh bread and rolls for breakfast. Three Sous Chefs, 10 First Cooks, 17 Second Cooks, nine Third Cooks, 15 Assistant Cooks, and six Pastry Chefs make all the delicious food that is so much a part of shipboard life. Six other cooks prepare food for the crew.
   On the galley tour for this cruise we were given a fact sheet that told some amazing statistics of food consumed in the 10 day cruise. Here are just a few examples of what 'buying in bulk' really means!
* 3,750 dozen eggs, 437 kg pasta, 2,812 kg chicken, 1,625 kg beef, 1,125 kg cheese, 2,500 kg rice
* 662 kg oranges, 1500 kg pineapples, 875 kg cucumber, 1,250 kg tomatoes
* 7,500 tea bags, 375 kg coffee, 5,000 litres milk
I couldn't even comprehend the vast amount of food needed to prepare the wide array of dishes passengers and crew ate every day. I will never complain about shopping and cooking for two people again!

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