Sunday, 22 May 2011

Seasick - Not This Time!

Every cruisers' dream - calm seas
The old saying, "Take the rough with the smooth", certainly applies to cruising. Every time I get on a ship, I hope the voyage will be as calm as it was in this photo.
   Years ago, I was terribly seasick on a ship crossing between Norway and Denmark in what was then the worst storm for four decades.That six hours has remained etched in my memory as an absolutely ghastly time, one I never want to repeat.
   So on every cruise, I go prepared with several remedies. I figure that if one doesn't work, another will. I get prescription medication for nausea from the doctor, I pack my Sea Band acupressure wrist bands, and I drink lots of ginger ale. I also book our cabin in the mid-ship area which is the most stable part of the ship.
   On this 'Bounty Discovery' cruise we ran into a two-day storm. The swimming pools were emptied and covered with netting. The deck chairs and sun lounges were stacked into piles and chained down. The ship was rocking and rolling about which made walking more like staggering. Even some of the crew were getting seasick.
  But I was just fine. Whether it was the medicine, the wrist bands or the ginger ale that worked, I don't know. And at night, in our mid-ship stateroom, we were rocked gently to sleep like babies in a cradle.  

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