Tuesday, 24 May 2011

An Isle of Pines Experience

The beautiful Isle of Pines
Paula Kunac, her husband and their two teenage daughters visited the Isle of Pines on an 8 day Pacific Island cruise that also went to Noumea and Lifou. She shared her impressions of the island with me.
WPaula, why did you describe the Isle of Pines as your favourite port of call?
P:   It epitomised the idea of a tropical paradise, a real picture-postcard place. It was like stepping into a travel brochure. I didn't want to leave!
WIs the sand really as white as it appears in all the tourist brochures?
P:   Definitely. It's so beautiful there; the white sand against the blue sea and the green of the pine trees and palms.
WWhat did you and the family do while ashore for the day?
P:   We spent most of the time at the beach. From where the tender brings passengers ashore, we walked around the bay, past some buildings, and across a narrow neck of land to another beach. It's not a long walk. We went snorkelling there.
WWhat was the snorkelling like?
P:   It was great. The water was very clear and the bottom was sandy. We saw lots of bright tropical fish and corals. There's a huge rock in the middle of the bay that you're not allowed to climb on as it's sacred, but you can snorkel and swim all around it.
WDid you eat some of the local food, the bougna?
P:   Yes, we tried it. Paul thought it was all right, but I wasn't so keen.
W:  With a whole ship-load of passengers going ashore, did the beaches feel crowded?
P:   Not at all. We found a spot where it felt like there was nothing else in the world there. We all had a great day!

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