Sunday, 24 March 2013

MasterChef NZ on Board Dawn Princess

Dawn Princess in Auckland, New Zealand
Well, the MasterChef contestants faced a huge task - cooking for 1800 passengers on the cruise ship Dawn Princess while she was in Auckland. It was the biggest ever cooking challenge of all the series and the first time most of the contestants had worked in a professional kitchen. 
  They were divided into two teams, red and blue, each with six members. Each person had one dish to prepare in three hours, to be tasted and evaluated by Chef Alfredo Marzi, before continuing to cook for the passengers.
  The Blue Team cooked:

  • braised lamb shanks
  • seasonal vegetable soup
  • Royal Dragon pot stickers (dumplings)
  • mixed green salad
  • pan-seared mahi-mahi fish
  • grapefruit and kiwifruit platter
And the Red Team prepared:
  • prawn cocktail 
  • classic caesar salad
  • pineapple pork with sweet chilli sauce
  • pot au feu soup
  • chicken and beef satay
  • grilled wahoo fillet of fish
The judges and ship's chefs were looking for fine flavour and perfect
presentation in the dishes, and on the whole, the MasterChef contestants delivered.
  Well done! I'm sure it was a day they will always remember!


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