Sunday, 14 April 2013

Some Quotes About Cruising

Swimming at Sea
I've been reading a book of quotations about travel and came across these on cruising. They made me smile.

  • Travel by sea nearly approximates the bliss of babyhood. They feed you, rock you gently to sleep, and when you wake up, they take care of you and feed you again. (Geoffrey Bocca)
  • Being on a ship is also really nicer than being in a luxury hotel in a foreign country. You have all the comfort and all the fattening food without being nagged by the feeling that somehow you ought to be out broadening your cultural horizons. (Jean Kerr)
  • The boat is splendid. The food is fine. The air is bracing. The beds are comfortable ... There is just one drawback to ocean travel, and that is the extraordinary hideousness of one's fellow passengers. (P.G.Wodehouse)
  • Nothing makes a man or woman look so saintly as sea sickness. (Samuel Butler)
Remember that last quote next time you're feeling a bit queasy as the ship goes up and down!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Cruising in the Mediterranean with MSC

Cruise for $1
Great excitement in our house. You see, we have got a wonderful deal - a 7 day cruise with MSC in the Western Mediterranean.
I nearly fell off my chair when I got an email from the travel agent. It said that if I paid the advertised price, my husband could cruise for $1, plus port charges.How good is that?
The other interesting thing about this cruise is that we haven't been to many of the ports of call - Mallorca, Menorca and Sardinia. So all in all, it should be a great week.