Saturday, 9 July 2011

Doubtful Sound: Scenic Cruising

Doubtful Sound, New Zealand
That intrepid explorer, Captain Cook, didn't go into Doubtful Sound as he was 'doubtful' if he'd get out again, considering the way the wind was blowing. But our Captain Peter Bos had no such qualms, taking the 'Volendam' into the entrance of the fiord to the south of Secretary Island.
   There is an interesting natural phenomenon that occurs at the mouth of Doubtful Sound. A distinctive line of froth marks the point where the freshwater of the fiord meets the salty seawater.
Where the salt water and fresh water meet
   The steep-sided, bush covered mountains plunge into the water, dwarfing the fishing boats that were in the fiord. We saw seals sunbathing on a rocky outcrop, a pod of dolphins swam along beside us and albatross glided nearby.
   From Doubtful Sound we cruised into Thompson Sound, so still and quiet, before heading north again on our way to Milford Sound.


  1. That is a wonderful place. The freshwater and seawater meetup is a spectacle that I would love to see myself.

    1. Yes, it is wonderful down there. So peaceful and the scenery is dramatic. Hope you get there one day!