Sunday, 24 July 2011

In Port Melbourne for a Day

Inscription at Port Melbourne
There was a great view of the Melbourne skyline and the huge sweep of the bay from the dock at Port Melbourne. Easy too to get into the central city on the rapid rail at the end of the wharf area. But we chose to stay at Port Melbourne and not to rush around. It was yet another beautiful day - we had been so lucky with the weather on this cruise.
    This plaque set into the pavement at Port Melbourne amused me. I've been trying to reword it to suit me - 'You can't take the girl off of the cruise ship...'
   The first thing I did was take off my sandals and walk barefoot along the beach. From the wharf, the beach stretches for miles and there is a wide landscaped path around the foreshore, busy with joggers, mothers pushing prams and skateboarders.
    The whole area of Port Melbourne has been developed in recent years into upmarket apartment buildings with stunning seaside locations and views, and a range of eating places. We met an old friend, now a resident of Melbourne, for lunch in one of the restaurants there. That was a chance for a great talk and catch-up!
    A wooden bench at the end of the wharf, made from timbers off the old Station Pier, commemorates the early settlers who came here after 'long and difficult' voyages. My ancestors were among them in 1862. Strange to think that I was walking in the same place they did 150 years ago!

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