Sunday, 12 August 2012

What to Pack in Your Carry-on Bag

What to Pack in a Carry-on Bag
We all know that cruise lines advise us to put such items as medication, jewellery and anything else of value in our carry-on bags. But what else should you pack in your hand luggage in case something goes wrong?
   Jeanette and Dan had a very stressful start to their Mediterranean cruise. They were in Venice; their luggage was in Vancouver! Another horror story about airlines leaving bags behind! 
  So began a hurried round of shopping to buy underwear, in an unfamiliar city that seemed to sell mostly souvenirs! They boarded their cruise ship with only one small carry bag between them. Fortunately the rest of their luggage arrived within 30 minutes of sailing - the airline couriered the bags to the ship just in time.
  Here are Jeanette's recommendations for extra items to pack in your carry-on bag just in case  you and your luggage are spending the night on different continents!
  • spare pair of knickers and nightwear
  • change of clothes
  • basic toiletries
  • mobile phone charger
  • copy of complete itinerary
  • copy of travel insurance documents

Jeanette and her husband went on to enjoy the cruise, but could have done without the hassles in the beginning.
  Take their advice. Be prepared for a luggage hold-up, and pack things to get you through the first couple of days - just in case! 
  Thanks, Jeanette, for the cautionary tale.