Friday, 16 March 2012

Cruise to Savusavu in Fiji

Savusavu town in Fiji
Savusavu is a little town on the edge of a beautiful harbour on the island of Vanua Levu in Fiji. 'Sea Princess' anchored just offshore and we tendered in to the port building, an historic copra shed that has been refurbished and now houses a cafe and shops. A local band serenaded us with ukuleles and beaming smiles.
   The township hugs the shoreline of the bay with steep hills covered in rainforest behind it. You can see  steam rising from the volcanic hot springs behind some of the buildings. Apparently some of the local people boil their food in the hot pools.
   Savusavu Bay is well known to the yachting fraternity as a safe place to stay during the South Pacific cyclone season. The waters are deep and very sheltered, and with the colourful buildings in the township, - it certainly is a picturesque spot.
The Copra Shed Marina, Savusavu
   Souvenir sellers were out in force with the arrival of cruise ship passengers. They had erected little tented shelters along both sides of the main road ( the only road!) and laid out their souvenirs for us to browse.
   I really enjoyed our day there. It was very low key, absorbing the friendly, laid-back atmosphere and people watching. I did buy a mother-of-pearl shell necklace but the grass skirts and coconut shell bras on offer just weren't quite me!!!


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