Monday, 12 March 2012

Suva, Another Fiji Port of Call

Local band in Suva
Wherever we went in Fiji we were welcomed with music. These happy chappies sang for us in Suva.
  'Sea Princess' docked at the waterfront and a free shuttle bus took us into the heart of the town. It was really only a five-minute walk but there was an extremely busy bus station between the ship and the shops so it was more convenient to take the shuttle. And a little cooler; the temperature was in the early 30s and it was very humid.
   I hadn't been to Suva for many years. Now there is a big movie theatre complex and modern department stores as well as an interesting variety of little shops. I have never seen, in one place, so many stores selling mobile phones as I did in Suva!
  Walking along the main street, Victoria Parade, we saw the beautiful colonial building of the Grand Pacific Hotel. This is where the Queen stays when she comes to Fiji as do visiting prime ministers and presidents of other countries.
Suva as seen from the cruise ship
   We found the people very friendly. Many would call out 'Bula, hello', to us as they passed us on the street. That attitude plus the beautiful weather made us appreciate Suva as a cruise port of call.



    Suva C204 Photo

  2. Your photos are beautiful, really capture the spirit of Fiji.