Sunday, 18 March 2012

At Dravuni Island, Fiji

Dravuni Island is tiny in Fiji
The village on Dravuni Island
To the 150 or so natives of Dravuni Island, it must seem like an alien invasion every time a cruise ship calls - 2000 passengers descending on their village! But they put out the welcome banner and welcome us to the tiny island, south of Suva.
   The village looks very colourful. Sarongs that are for sale are strung on lines between the coconut palms that line the sandy beach.  Villagers have erected little thatched roof huts along the edge of the sand and from these they offer cold drinks, souvenirs, massages and hair braiding.
   It takes only 5 minutes or so to walk to the other side of the island where the snorkelling is good. Or you can take a bit longer and climb the one and only hill for a panoramic view out to the other islands in the Kadavu Group.
   Dravuni Island is visited by Princess and P&O cruise ships. It is a place with no cellphone coverage, no cars, no shops, no organised shore tours. Beautiful and peaceful, it is a place to chill out on the golden sands, swim in the warm tropical seas and enjoy this quintessential South Pacific island experience!

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