Monday, 10 December 2012

Lifou Cruise Port of Call Information

Arriving at Lifou by Cruise Ship
Doesn't this scene look idyllic? A cruise ship, calm blue seas, sunny skies, a coconut palm on a Pacific island! You have arrived at Lifou!
  Situated between New Caledonia and Vanuatu in the area of the Pacific known as Melanesia, the island of Lifou is a raised coral platform. It is densely covered in tropical bush and has some interesting limestone caves, white sand beaches and opportunities for snorkelling and diving amongst the coral reefs.
  Both P&O Cruises and Holland America visit Lifou as part of their Pacific cruise itineraries. Tourism is becoming increasingly important to the island's economy.
   Your cruise ship will anchor just offshore in the Baie du Santal. This large bay is almost enclosed so the water is usually calm. You'll go ashore by tender, a short trip of only a few minutes. The tenders will pull alongside a long wharf. From there you'll walk up a slight slope to a large, thatched roof hut where souvenirs, postcards, colourful sarongs and beach bags are sold.
   The car park behind this hut is where the shore tours leave from.
Ashore on Lifou Island
One little novelty that sets Lifou apart from other islands on a cruise itinerary is that here you can get your passport stamped. If you'd like to get that done, take your passport ashore with you and the lady at the table in the hut where the postcards are sold will happily decorate the document with a Lifou stamp. It costs a couple of Australian dollars.


  1. An impressive post, I just gave this to a colleague who is doing a little analysis cruiseports. And he is very happy and thanking me for finding it. But all thanks to you for writing in such simple words. Big thumb up for this blog post!

    1. Thanks, Meri. We enjoyed our visits there.