Thursday, 6 December 2012

Going Ashore on a Pacific Island

In the Village on Dravuni Island, Fiji
Sunhat. Check. Swimsuit. Check. Sunscreen. Check. Beach towel. Check. Water bottle. Check.
Now, what else will you need on a shore day when you're on a South Pacific cruise?
  Shore tours are often action-based, such as being out on the water, visiting waterfalls for a swim or walking through the tropical rainforest where the tracks are sometimes wet and muddy. Closed-in sports shoes are better than open-toed sandals or jandals (flip-flops).
   When at the beach, it's a good idea to wear reef shoes, those soft-soled rubber slip-ons, to protect your feet from scratches from the sharp coral that is underfoot in places.
   Take a cover-up top and perhaps a sarong to the beach as well. 
Kanak People on Lifou Welcome Cruise Ship Passengers
  Many of the South Pacific communities are deeply religious and the local people dress modestly. This photo shows women on Lifou in New Caledonia wearing dresses that are styled on the ones missionaries, shocked by the locals' nudity, introduced to the islands in the 19th century.
  It is a sign of respect for a different culture if you dress respectfully when ashore. Keep your swimsuit and scanty clothing for the beach. Cover up when walking in areas away from the beaches and especially when visiting an island village.
  Local customs may also mean that you don't wear hats in the villages and women are asked to wear knee-length or long dresses. This is where a sarong comes in handy!
   If you're lucky enough to be invited into a home, take off your shoes and leave them outside at the door.
   And always remember to accessorise with a smile!

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