Friday, 21 February 2014

Visit Olbia, Sardinia, Cruise Port of Call

Arriving in Olbia on MSC Sinfonia
This was a new port of call for us - Olbia, Sardinia, an Italian territory. Our ship docked at the working port so a free shuttle bus ran every 10 minutes, taking passengers on the five minute ride from the wharf into town, to stop outside the information centre.

A flower-bedecked restaurant on Corso Umberto, Olbia
Corso Umberto is the main street with some grand old buildings, cafes and a few touristy shops at the harbour end. The side streets were so quiet they almost had a 'village' feel.

In Olbia

Across the road from where the shuttle bus stops is a little island where the museum is situated. Olbia was an important port in Roman times and when the harbour was being dredged for the modern port expansion, several Roman era ships were found. They have been restored and according to my guide book, were on display in the museum. We looked all round the museum but couldn't find them, so I asked the man on duty (who doesn't speak English & I know only a few words in Italian) where they were. He beckoned us to follow him & we went out the back, through several locked doors to a huge climate controlled room where the remains of the vessels are displayed. 

Roman trading ships found in Olbia Harbour
So, another interesting port visit on this Western Mediterranean cruise. We are enjoying it so much!