Monday, 11 July 2011

Milford Sound on the Cruise Ship

Stirling Falls, Milford Sound
Milford Sound is the jewel in the crown of Fiordland National Park, and seeing it from the deck of a cruise ship is spectacular! This is the second time I've been there on a cruise: the first was in the early morning on the 'Sapphire Princess'. We watched the sun rise over Mitre Peak, gradually touching the tops of the mountains with light. The water in the fiord was black and still. All was quiet.
   This time on the 'Volendam' we entered Milford Sound much later in the day. There were a few other small boats about and the sun was high. The atmosphere was very different. I'm glad I've seen it at both times.
   Because the 'Volendam' is a smaller ship, we were able to go further up the fiord. We swung in close to the Stirling Falls, a mighty torrent that pours hundreds of metres down the cliff face. Not far from there fur seals were lolling on the rocks and a kayaker paddled past us.
At Milford Sound
   The sheer slopes of the high mountains, some of them holding patches of snow, plunge straight down into the very deep, dark water. The fiord really is impressive. We spent a couple of hours cruising there before returning to the open sea. And to complete a fascinating day of scenic cruising in this World Heritage area of outstanding natural beauty, a pair of Royal albatross followed us as we headed out into the Tasman Sea.
   Next stop in a couple of days - Burnie, Tasmania.

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