Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Pacific Sun: the Oasis Retreat

The Oasis on Pacific Sun
Ah, an adults-only retreat advertised as 'a pocket of tranquillity'.With over 400 children on this Pacific Sun cruise, despite it being outside of school holidays, I opted one day for a morning of serenity at the Oasis.
   A charge of $10 gave me a half day pass with a complimentary bottle of water, use of a spa towel, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and a fresh fruit skewer.
  What bliss, I thought, as I lay back on the sun lounger and opened my book. It started to rain. I covered myself with the large towel and pulled my sun hat down low over my eyes, determined not to be driven indoors by a shower. After a few minutes, the rain stopped.
   I relaxed again, nibbled on the pineapple and watermelon, and opened my book. Suddenly, a screeching noise erupted nearby. Bagpipes! I couldn't believe my ears. Someone had brought his bagpipes on holiday with him and was parading around the sun deck playing 'Scotland the Brave.' Eventually, he ran out of puff, or repertoire, thank goodness.
  Try again, I thought to myself, as I stretched out, ordered an orange juice from the waiter and opened my book for the third time. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw huge clouds of black smoke pouring from the funnel. Not what you want to see when you know one of the engines has problems.
   The smoke swirled around and settled over the Oasis Retreat. I gave up then and retreated all right - back to my cabin!

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