Friday, 14 October 2011

Last Minute Cruise Deal!

Booking a cruise with Holland America Line
Well, I've done something I haven't done before! I've booked a cruise at the last minute. Usually I book months in advance so I can select the stateroom we want and take advantage of the early bird discount.
   This time, I saw a short cruise that is leaving soon, for a great price and couldn't resist.
   The cabins are guaranteed, which means I don't get to choose. We won't know where we will be until we check in. The weather is very unsettled at this time of year with a chance of rough seas, so I sincerely hope we'll be somewhere close to midship! I've stocked up on seasick pills, ginger and sea bands just in case.
   But booking this close to sailing has made me realise a few things. I've found that I like the months of anticipation, the time to think about the ship and what to wear and the places we'll go that you have when you book further in advance.
   Having said that, I am starting to get excited about sailing soon.  The cruise is on a ship we have been on before and really like so I'm sure, no matter what the weather, we'll have a wonderful time!


  1. What cruise are you going on ?

  2. It's great to read these lines...
    Indeed, you won't know where you'd get your cabin, if you book late. So, you can get an inner cabin with no window, poor air circulation, potentially engine noise...

    So how was the cruise after all?

    1. Hi Last Minute Spider - see my comment below about the cabin placement - we were fine!

  3. The cruise was very good. When we boarded we found the cabin was next to the laundromat which made me think, 'Oh, no - noise.' But I can truly say we didn't hear a thing from there. And perhaps because it was only such a short cruise people didn't need to do their washing - it seemed that the people who had bought these last minute deals were all grouped on the same deck. The noise situation might have been different on a longer cruise - I don't know.
    The cabin was mid-ship (our ideal situation) which suited us just fine.

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  5. Hi Meri
    You cover some good points too about last minute deals on your website article. Thanks for the comment.