Saturday, 3 September 2011

On SuperStar Virgo: What to do When the Sun Goes Down

Lido show lounge on Superstar Virgo
Once the sun goes down, the music, dance and magic come alive on SuperStar Virgo. There are several venues for evening entertainment and I wandered between them, enjoying the contrast between Broadway-style shows, piano music and dance parties.
   The Grand Piazza was the setting for pianist Shunmin to play oriental ballads on the grand piano. On the next night, the Santinig Trio entertained with 'Evening Melodies'.
   In the Galaxy of the Stars things were hotting up on the first night of the cruise with an Adults Only 'Hot Strip Off' party at midnight, promising that you could 'go crazy, feel sexy and be naughty tonight'! Hmmm!
   At other times in the Galaxy, there was a dance party with the Sound Clippers Lounge Band, easy listening music in the wee hours of the morning with the Elan Show Band, ballroom dancing, game shows and bingo.
   The Lido is the huge show lounge, seating over 850 people. I saw two of the best shows I've seen at sea there: a magic show and a Broadway-style production of song and dance.
   The magician was Philippart and his assistant, Anja. Direct from Monte Carlo, they combined comedy with tricks that were amazing. Colourful, kooky costumes, lighting and sound effects made their act quite a spectacle.
   'Reflections of Russia' was a stunning show with performers from Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine and Brazil. Acrobatic performances of skill and strength, and classical and modern dance numbers were all performed with grace and high energy. Add to that the visual effects beamed onto a huge screen background, the fantastic costumes and the rousing music. It was truly a spectacular performance.

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