Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Temptations Galore: Food on a Cruise

Cakes, cakes and more cakes on the Volendam
Look at those cakes! Could you resist them? All that sugar, butter and cream, you're thinking. But don't they look delicious. Aren't you tempted? You'll have just one. But when the waiter puts two on your plate it would be rude to refuse, wouldn't it?
   Every day on a cruise the food temptations are there. In the buffet, in the restaurants, out on the deck at the barbecue, beside the pool at the pizza parlour, at a themed dinner, during a formal high tea, not to mention the afternoon cookies and ice cream. What would you have?
   Some people go on a cruise and pile their plates high at every meal, determined to get their money's worth. Others are more choosy, picking the healthier options at the salad bar and declining cooked breakfasts in favour of fresh fruit and cereals. Still others eat more or less the same amount as they do at home, with a few extra treats gobbled up along the way.
   The enjoyment of food is a huge part of a cruise. You may be watching a culinary demonstration, taking a hands-on cooking class, perusing the menu at dinner, or lying in a deck chair thinking about your next meal.  But you can be sure that the chefs, the bakers, the pastry makers and the kitchen staff have all been working very hard to produce delicacies to enhance your cruise experience.  
  Now, which cake shall I choose? 

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