Thursday, 25 August 2011

SuperStar Virgo: The Grand Piazza

The Grand Piazza on Superstar Virgo
Statues in the Grand Piazza on board
The Grand Piazza on Deck 7, is aptly named - it certainly is grand, and enormous. Colourful stained glass ceilings glowed brightly and glass-fronted elevators rimmed with lights rose and descended on one wall. Sweeping staircases led past huge statues of a man and woman dressed as in ancient Rome. There, on the landing, was a stunning centrepiece - a trio of larger-than-life carved horses, frozen in mid-gallop with manes ruffled and nostrils flared. All very dramatic.
  On boarding the SuperStar Virgo, I was escorted into the Grand Piazza by a crew member and offered a choice of a glass of champagne or fruit cocktail as a welcome drink.  He then proceeded to go through the information sheet, point by point, with me. But all I wanted to do was look around and soak up the festive atmosphere.
   Cameras flashed, passengers raced up and down the stairs to have their photos taken in front of the horses, the band was playing - all was light and noise and colour. It was great!
   Those glass-fronted elevators gave me the heebie-jeebies though. I made sure I always stood close to the door, with my back to the transparent wall so I couldn't see us going up and down. Have I told you I'm scared of heights?!

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