Friday, 19 August 2011

Amusing Moments on SuperStar Virgo

Lots of fun on Superstar Virgo
There were 2,000 passengers on SuperStar Virgo - about 70% Asian (Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Korean), over 25% Indian and about 50 couples from Australia and South Africa - and me! As the only person travelling alone, I felt as if I stuck out like a sore thumb. Asian people kept coming up to me and asking if I was by myself. When I said I was, many of them would pat my arm in sympathy! It seemed as if they couldn't understand what it would be like to travel without being part of a family gathering.
   The next query was usually, "How old are you?" They certainly weren't shy about asking the personal questions.
   There was a large group of Herbal Life consultants from around the region as passengers. They were parading round wearing brightly coloured T shirts with 'Have you had a shake today?' emblazoned across their chests. Everytime I saw one of them I felt like shouting, "No!"
   The cruise director and his staff were called the 'Fun Bunch.' They were all very frenetic and rah, rah, rah with microphones at full volume. To warm up the audience before the evening shows they'd launch into the Chicken Dance. People rushed down the aisles to join them at the front, all flapping and wiggling and clucking. Very strange!
   And something I found even more strange -  a sign at the gangway when we were docked at Port Klang, Malaysia, said you were not allowed to bring on board nunchucks or ninja stars, but you were allowed handcuffs and night sticks. Now that's bizarre!

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