Sunday, 21 August 2011

Food, Food and More Food on SuperStar Virgo

Display at The Samurai Restaurant on Superstar Virgo
Food is always important on a cruise. Life seems to revolve around meal times and snack times and fancy afternoon tea times. Not to mention supper times and party food times and chocolate extravaganza times.
   On SuperStar Virgo there are 12 eateries. Three of them are free; at the others you have to pay for your meals.
   The Bella Vista is an enormous (free) restaurant, with seating for 586 people and serving European food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
   A 330 seat Chinese family-style restaurant called The Pavilion is also free for those meals. As its menu featured double-boiled pig's stomach and fish head curry for breakfast, I decided to stick to my yoghurt and muesli at the Bella Vista!
   The Mediterranean Buffet is the free, serve yourself restaurant with a wide range of dishes that are pork and lard free, catering for the religious dietary restrictions of many of the passengers.
   If you want to, you can pay a la carte and eat at more intimate venues. The Taj is an Indian, certified halal buffet. Or choose Noble House for Chinese, the Taverna for snacks, Blue Lagoon for Asian fast-food open 24 hours, or enjoy an ice-cream sundae at the Gelato Cafe. The Samurai, with this eye-catching display at the entrance, has Japanese food served by kimono-clad waitresses.
   At 11 p.m. on the first night my taste buds were tempted by the 'Choco Madness Party'. Luscious desserts were set out by the Parthenon Pool and we munched on chocolate treats while the band played at Sail Away.                                                       
At the Palazzo
   The Palazzo is a stunning, Italian, fine dining venue, done out in red and gold with a genuine Picasso painting hanging in pride of place. I got talking to the maitre d'. When he showed me the menu, I gulped at the prices. He didn't mind that I couldn't afford to eat there. "Come in and have a look anyway," he said. 'Sit down and I'll take your photo and you can pretend." So here I am, pretending to be champagne-drinking, caviar-eating rich!

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