Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cruising in Asia with Star Cruises

On Superstar Virgo
Yes, I know it's not 'cruising the Pacific'! But I've been in Singapore for two weeks and while there, took the opportunity to go on a two night cruise on SuperStar Virgo. This is Star Cruises' largest ship, based all year round in Singapore. What a difference this cruise was from the other cruises I've been on.
   I think the average age of the cruisers would have been about 40. Most of the passengers were Asian and Indian, travelling in large family groups, from toddlers to grandparents. There were also many young Singaporean couples with babies and pre-schoolers. About 50 Australian and South African couples were on board - and me, on my own!
   The crew were great. Several took me under their wing, calling me 'Madam Wendy', putting me at the front of queues (despite my protests that I was happy to wait in line) and seating me by the window in the dining room. One even rushed over and gave me a hug as I was disembarking.
   The public areas of the ship were quite grand, with an enormous Grand Piazza (I'll write more about that in another post), two huge dining rooms and several themed smaller restaurants. There were the standard cruise ship features such as a show lounge that seats hundreds of people, bars and disco. But this ship also had private karaoke rooms, rows of slot machines for gambling in places other than the casino, and hardly any deckchairs. I think people in this hot and humid part of the world so close to the equator love to be inside in the cool air conditioning. Not many walked out on the promenade deck.
   I found the cruise fascinating for people-watching! Many cultural customs, family interactions, and senses of humour were different from what I am used to. I was glad I'd gone on this cruise for the experience of cruising with people from Asia and India. But would I go on one again? Probably not.

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