Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Renew Your Marriage Vows on a Cruise

Reaffirm your vows at sea
Here we are, just in time for Valentine's Day, an account of a 'Renewal of Marriage Vows' ceremony on Sea Princess.
   At the appointed time a large number of passengers gathered in the atrium. Some were couples ready to participate in the group ceremony; others as onlookers. The atrium was decorated with an archway of greenery and white ribbons and the string quartet and pianist played softly.
  It began with the cruise director, Peter Roberts, speaking about what reconfirming your marriage vows can mean to your partnership. Then a poem about love was read and the musicians played again.
  Captain Mario Ciruzzi then took the microphone and the ceremony proper commenced. The couples were asked to face each other and join hands. As the captain read the vows, the husbands repeated them. Next it was the turn of the wives to repeat their words after the captain. Then all repeated a verse about renewing their promise to each other. With that, the captain pronounced them husband and wife and gave the age-old instruction, "You may kiss your Partner."
   If you're on a Valentine's Day cruise maybe you'd like to do this, if you don't mind the ceremony being very public and in the company of strangers.

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