Monday, 21 January 2013

Children's Activities on P&O Cruises

Gemma and her dad, Derek, at Port Vila
Our neighbours have recently returned from their first cruise and loved it. They went on P&O's 'Pacific Pearl' on a 9 night itinerary that was a round trip from Sydney and visited Port Vila in Vanuatu, Mystery Island and the Isle of Pines.
   I was very interested to hear what 6 year old Gemma had to say about the children's activities on board. She was bubbling with excitement as she told me what she'd been doing in 'Turtle Cove', the programme for 3 to 6 year olds.
   "My really favourite part was watching the Sponge Bob movie. And the best part of all was the Talent Show. Oh, and the Ice cream Party. And my favourite food was the pizza, and the pancakes. And we did lots of art. And we did cheer-leading with big pompoms. We learnt a song about crabs and seashells and dolphins. And there was a dancing video game and playstations for pretending to drive a racing car and the kids had their own swimming pool."
  As Gemma was telling me all this, she was acting out the things she'd done, singing the songs and telling the jokes. She was one happy cruiser!
At Port Vila
On P&O ships, the 'Turtle Cove' programme is for younger children with hours from 9 am to noon and again from 2 pm till 10.30 pm. There is a children's dinner in the buffet each evening from 4.30 till 5.15 pm. Night time child minding services from 10.30 pm to 1.00 am can be arranged if registered before 8 pm. 
   For older children (7 to 10 years) there is the 'Shark Shack' activity programme.
   Gemma's mum, Jane, was impressed with the children's programme and the  kids' area. She said it was very clean and well-organised with a great range of things for the little ones to do. That's a good recommendation for any of you planning a family cruise.

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