Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Venice - Embarking on a Cruise

First Sight of the Grand Canal in Venice
I was so excited about returning to Venice. We arrived by train from Milan early in the morning, walked out of the station and WOW! this was the sight that greeted us. The busy Grand Canal was awash with boats of many sizes, shapes and purposes: gondolas, vaporettos and water taxis ferrying people; barges carrying boxes, beer kegs and bricks; even one young man paddling a kayak.
A traditional Venetian gondola

  We had two days in this beautiful city before embarking on our NCL cruise. In the late afternoons we walked around the quiet back alleys, crossing little canals on humpbacked bridges, well away from the main touristy areas. It was a chance to experience another side of the city that visitors often miss.
Late afternoon quiet in Venice

  Our hotel was on a side canal right by the Piazzale Roma, the transport hub of Venice. It was easy to trundle our bags across the piazza to the People Mover, the monorail that takes cruise ship passengers to the cruise port area.
  I'll tell you more on that next time.

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