Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cruise Ships in Venice - Changes for 2014

Cunard's Queen Victoria in Venice
There has been fierce debate about the number and size of cruise ships visiting Venice for several years now. Opponents of the ships argue that the huge vessels, with the wash from their engines, are damaging the foundations of the historic city which is already in a fragile state. The port workers and cruise industry employees argue that ships' visits provide many jobs in a city where employment options are few.
  I kept an open mind about the situation until we were there this year. Our NCL cruise departed from Venice. I must say, now that I've been there and seen for myself, I support a limit to the number and size of cruise ships coming to Venice. 
  As you can see from my photograph, the ships tower over the historic buildings as they pass along the Guidecca Canal (which is not very wide) on their way to and from the cruise terminal and port.
  An announcement has been made today, after a meeting between the Italian Prime Minister, the Mayor of Venice and other interested parties, that will change the cruise ship situation in the new year 
  As of January 2014, the number of cruise vessels docking in Venice will be limited to five per day, a decrease of 20% on 2012 numbers.
  As of November 2014, the largest ships, those over 96,000 tonnes, will be banned from central Venice. A new facility will have to be built on the outskirts of the city, away from the precious buildings and piazzas of the historic centre.
  Cruise companies which plan their itineraries up to two years ahead will, I imagine, be scrambling to work out alternative arrangements for their passengers. 

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