Monday, 14 October 2013

Toulon, a Cruise Port in Provence

Toulon, a view from the cruise ship
It was a glorious day when we arrived in Toulon. The ship docked right in the town, beside the yacht harbour. Here expensive boats were moored alongside little fishing boats where men sat repairing their nets in preparation for the night's fishing. Following the wide promenade around the harbour, it was only a five minute walk to the cafes that lined the bay and to the main square with its wonderful market.
The market at Toulon
There were many street entertainers out to entertain the crowds of shoppers which added to the bustling atmosphere. We'd seen a lot of buskers in our travels but this one, the man in Georgian dress with two cats sitting on his arms, had to be the most unusual! The cats didn't even flinch when a little yappy dog ran up to them.

A street entertainer in Toulon
Another attraction for us in the city was a ride on a little white 'train' that took us along the coast to a lovely beach and park. It was an opportunity to see a little more of Toulon.

Back to the cruise terminal then, with its array of stalls selling local handicrafts, and on board to sail away to our final port - Barcelona! 

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