Sunday, 1 September 2013

Visit Mykonos on a Cruise

Norwegian Spirit anchored off shore at Mykonos
Mykonos is one of the most popular places to visit on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise, one of those places where the white of the buildings contrasts with the blue sky and sea of the Aegean to make the quintessential Greek Island experience.
   Our ship anchored out in the bay and we went ashore by tender, a trip of only a few minutes, landing at the pier by the main town.
   In days gone by, villages on the Mediterranean islands were often threatened by pirates. So the little towns were built as a maze of narrow alleyways that twisted and turned to confuse invaders. Not much has changed in Mykonos except that now the narrow twisting, turning alleys confuse the tourists!
Wander the alleyways with their white edged paving stones
  When you get there most of the ship's passengers will, no doubt, wander straight into the main part of the town. But if you go to the right of the pier you can avoid the crowds. Just follow the edge of the sea round to the next bay where buildings with wooden balconies overhang the water in the part called 'Little Venice'. Most of these are now bars and restaurants.

Little Venice on Mykonos
 On the rise to the right are the windmills, restored now, making them one of the most photographed scenes of the Greek Islands.

Mykonos' iconic windmills
  And then it's fun to plunge into the labyrinth of Mykonos town, wandering and taking photos, perhaps stopping for an ice cream or doing a spot of shopping. There are many up-market shops here selling beautiful clothes, jewellery and homewares.

Typical architecture at Mykonos
Enjoy your day ashore!

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