Sunday, 29 September 2013

Naples, a Mediterranean Cruise Port of Call

Naples, Italy
After a relaxing day at sea, our next cruise port of call was Naples. And I must say, the cruise port terminal there is one of the best I've been in. It's a modern building with a range of shops, post office, cafes with WiFi and stalls selling souvenirs of the region.
  Naples is the port for visits to Pompei and the isle of Capri . But as we had been to those places on a previous cruise, we decided to stay in Naples and explore the city that has featured in so many movies.
  Across the car park outside the cruise terminal is the bus stop for sightseeing tours. We did two circuits of the city to see as much as we could while there.
  The Inner City tour took us through the narrow, crowded streets lined with tall apartment buildings in various states of repair. 
Inner city Naples, graffiti and vespas
Many of the buildings were defaced with graffiti and the general air of the place was one of neglect. Washing lines were strung between apartment blocks across the side alleys. The buildings are stacked up the steep hillsides, dominated by the castle at the top. Another castle guards the entrance to the port and yet another is across from the cruise terminal.
Washing day in Naples
   After changing to a different bus, we did the hop on- hop off tour that went around the shore of the Bay of Naples. I was so glad we did this as it showed us a contrasting side of the city. We saw beautiful villas and grand old hotels built right on the edge of the bay with terraces and arches framing views across the water to Mt Vesuvius.

Looking across the Bay of Naples to Mt Vesuvius
All in all, our day in Naples was very interesting and enjoyable. And we got back to the ship just before the rain started pelting down!   

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