Wednesday, 30 May 2012

European Rivers - Which One to Cruise?

River Cruises in Europe
This page from the Avalon Waterways brochure gives a great view of Europe's rivers. Which one would you choose to cruise? Or would you plan for a combination of cruises for a longer holiday that spans Europe?

  • The Rhine River - across Holland and Germany and down to Switzerland
  • The Main River - through central Germany
  • The Danube River - through Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary
  • The Moselle River - through Germany, Luxembourg and France
  • The Seine River - through Normandy in France from Paris to the English Channel
  • The Rhone River - through Burgundy and Provence in southern France
  • The Elbe River - through Germany and the Czech Republic
There are so many river cruises to choose from ranging from 5 to 15 days. Some offer add-on days in major cities such as Prague, Paris and Budapest.
  And when would you go? In summertime when the weather should be pleasant but there would be lots of tourists around? Or would you go in winter on a romantic, but freezing cold, Christmas cruise to visit the traditional Christmas markets in the riverside towns and villages?
  I want to go on them all!

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