Thursday, 3 May 2012

Celebrating your Birthday on a Cruise

The Birthday Boy
My husband was really looking forward to his birthday this year. He would be celebrating it while we were on the cruise. I had put the date in the 'cruise personaliser' part of the online registration, so then it was a case of wait and see what the day would bring.
  Well, it brought a cluster of balloons outside the stateroom and a big 'Happy Birthday' poster stuck on the cabin door. Of course I had to take a photo!
  At dinner that night, some of the waiters gathered round the table and sang a rousing 'happy birthday' to him. He also got a delicious chocolate cake and a birthday card.
  However I didn't get to see all that. I was in the ship's infirmary hooked up to an intravenous drip! But he did save some of the birthday cake for me. I had it for breakfast the next day! It was delicious.

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