Friday, 3 February 2012

Observing Sunsets at Sea

You see beautiful sunsets at sea
One of my favourite times of the day onboard ship is sunset, especially in the tropics. I like to go out on deck, on the bow if possible, just before the sun is due to set. I've seen some truly wondrous sights then. The colours of the sky as it flares and reddens into stripes of oranges, pinks and scarlets; the sea as it deepens in colour and reflects the hues in the sky; and the fantastic cloud formations.
   I always take my camera with me to capture the fleeting spectacle.
  One spectacular sunset was when I was on Superstar Virgo, just as we were leaving Port Klang. The sun was an enormous red globe, the red as bright as traffic lights, and it seemed to hang in the same spot for ages before sinking over the horizon.
  This photo I took at sunset somewhere in the South Timor Sea. I'm hoping I'll see lots more beautiful ones as we cruise around the Pacific Islands - not long to go now!

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