Thursday, 23 February 2012

Cruising out of Sydney, Australia

Cruising under the Sydney Harbour Bridge
'Sea Princess' was docked at Barangaroo Wharf, near Darling Harbour. This was new to us, as other times we've cruised in and out of Sydney the ships have tied up by Circular Quay opposite the Opera House.
 From the forward deck I could see down to the National Maritime Museum wharf. Moored there was the 'James Craig', the restored 19th century sailing ship that was once part of my family's fleet of ships. The Craig Line traded between New Zealand and Australia for many years in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
   Sail Away for us was at 4 p.m. It seemed to take ages for the ship to reverse a long way from its berth until it could turn and head off, right under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
   I was fascinated by that. Getting closer and closer to the bridge; seeing the steel construction up close; passing underneath with what seemed like only a few metres to spare; waving to the people who were waving to us from their walk on top of the bridge. I took minute-by-minute photos of our progress!
  Then we passed the Opera House and cruised up the length of the harbour, disembarking the pilot at the Heads. We were on our way!

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