Monday, 13 June 2011

Towel Animals - Love Those Critters!

Towel animal elephant
The sense of anticipation rises as you make your way along the corridor to your stateroom after a night of fine dining and entertainment. You know that the cabin steward will have turned down your bed, turned on the bedside lights, left chocolates on your pillows and perhaps a note wishing you sweet dreams. But what, you wonder, will today's towel animal be?
   Will it be sitting on the bed, on the dressing table, or hanging from the wall light? Will it be a dog or a squid or an elephant? A gorilla or a lobster or a rabbit? Whatever it is, it is guaranteed to make you smile!
   And if you want to make them for yourself when you are home, go along to the towel animal making demonstration or buy the book for more wonderful ideas on what you can do with a couple of small towels and two stick-on paper eyes!
   You've got to love those critters!

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