Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sail Away

Sail away serenade
I love 'sail away', the time when the ship leaves port. The ship's band plays to get us in a party mood and waiters circulate with trays of cocktails and beers. All the passengers seem to be in a happy mood after a day ashore exploring the town or going on excursions. The vibe is positive and fun.
   I always stand at the very stern, watching as the lines are cast off, waving to the people left on the wharf. Sometimes a local pipe band will serenade us with the skirl of bagpipes. Then, with three long blasts on the ship's hooter, we are off. It is time for one last, long look at the port as the land recedes. I turn away then and face forward as we head out to sea, to new horizons and a new destination tomorrow. That's exciting!

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