Thursday, 5 January 2012

Counting Down the Days Till the Next Cruise

Cruise documents
The excitement is starting to build! Today we received our cruise documents in the mail -that makes it all seem real. After the rush of Christmas and New Year I can now concentrate on planning what clothes to take, what sights we'd like to see in the different ports, have a close look at some of the shore tours information and think about what we will do immediately before and after the cruise.
   This next voyage will begin and end in Sydney. I've got our flights to Australia booked and a hotel room reserved, near the dock, for the night before the cruise leaves. We'll have 14 days sailing around some South Pacific Islands, with Princess cruises. Bliss!
   It will be my husband's birthday while we are on the ship. I've noted that in the cruise personaliser information section. I wonder what surprises will eventuate!

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